The popularity of Brian Greene’s books, coupled with his natural on-camera demeanor, has resulted in his hosting two NOVA mini-series, which adapted The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos for television audiences. Greene has also had a number of cameo appearances in films including New Line Cinema’s Frequency and The Last Mimzy, and he also appeared as himself in The Big Bang Theory.



Brian Greene’s documentaries are based on his bestselling books about space, time, and string theory.


Greene has been a scientific advisor on a variety of Hollywood films, and has enjoyed a number of cameo appearances.

The Big Bang Theory

Brian Greene appears on the hit show The Big Bang Theory.


Playing the “plate tectonics man” in Rob Morrow’s Maze.

The Last Mimzy

Playing an Intel Scientist in New Line Cinema’s The Last Mimzy, directed by Bob Shaye.


Playing an aged-version and a younger-version of himself in New Line Cinema’s Frequency, directed by Greg Hoblitt.

“This is a report from the frontier of cosmic thought… uncompromising in its intellectual ambitions and discerning in its choice of compelling scientific issues.”

Dennis Overbye, New York Times

“Greene’s brilliance at explaining concepts that would normally make your head explode bring surprising clarity to ideas that contradict common sense at every turn.”

Michael Lemonick, Time

“What this series puts on display is that basic science itself is wonderfully exciting and profound, and understanding the quirky structure of the universe is a thrill – even to us spectators.”

Carolyn Y. Johnson, The Boston Globe

“[Host Brian Greene] engages us, makes us think…makes us want to know more”

David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

“Astonishingly entertaining.”

Carin Bondar, Scientific American