Hap’s Brutal Experiments on ‘The OA’ Are Driven by Multiverse Theory

Mild spoilers for The OA ahead. Famed astrophysicist Brian Greene inadvertently narrates a crucial scene in The OA’s fifth episode, “Paradise.” Hap, still struggling to figure out where his captives go when they “die,” tunes [...]

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Albert Einstein’s famous space-time theory could just be a stepping stone to something much greater

We spoke with theoretical physicist Brian Greene about Einstein's theory of space-time. Many scientists believe space-time is a fundamental concept. But Greene thinks there might be something deeper to space-time than meets the eye. Greene [...]

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Brian Greene reveals the smartest way to inspire a child’s love of math and science

Theoretical physicist and one of the world's leading string field theorists, Brian Greene came by to discuss how to get kids fired up over science. Greene is the co-founder of the World Science Festival, which [...]

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